SURE SHOT Test & Evaluation Results

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The following is an email we received from a Police Chief whose agency recently ran an MPH SURE SHOT LiDAR through a test and evaluation: “Thank you very much. The unit was used by various officers including the Field Training Officers and their riders which included the new officers on field training. There were no… Read more »

Pick Your Python: July 4th Sale

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Available in K-, Ka-band with optional FS. The classic Python radar system has been designed with the user in mind, with bigger, easier-to-read displays. The K- and Ka-band antennas are the smallest and most compact available. The remote control is simple and intuitive allowing the user to operate while focusing on the road. The Python… Read more »

The “boss is away” Memorial Day Sale

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Now through Memorial Day, we’re having a sale on three of our most popular speed measurement products: The BEE III dashmount radar with front and rear Ka band antennas and speedometer interface – only $1,869 The Python III dashmount radar with dual K band antennas – only $1,095 The SURE SHOT lidar – only $2,395… Read more »

Data-Driven Approaches for Speed Enforcement

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The following excerpt is taken from a safety study conducted by the National Traffic Safety Board, “Reducing Speeding-Related Crashes Involving Passenger Vehicles” NTSB/SS-17, July 25, 2017, page 30, paragraph 3.2 through paragraph 3.2.1. “Appropriately set speed limits must be enforced to be optimally effective. However, speed limit enforcment is only one of the duties of an… Read more »

What officers are saying about SURE SHOT

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40 traffic enforcement officers ran the SURE SHOT through it’s paces At a recent radar/lidar certification course, 40 traffic enforcement officers in the northeast had the opportunity to work hands-on with the relatively new MPH SURE SHOT lidar in real world conditions, both day and night. The summarized comments below reflect the officer’s evaluation of… Read more »