Ranger EZ is the only ranging directional traffic radar on the market. Using MPH’s unique Advanced Target Identification™ technology, the Ranger EZ confirms your visual traffic observations by accurately pinpointing the strongest target, the fastest target, target directions, target distances, and targets in opposite and same-direction traffic. This technology prevents mistakes and allows for positive identification.

Ranger EZ also includes SafetyZone™, MPH’s officer safety alert mechanism. SafetyZone activates an audible warning to alert officers to potentially life-threatening high-speed vehicles approaching from behind their patrol vehicle when the officer is standing on or near the roadway. A zone of protection can be predefined, and Ranger EZ will alert if a vehicle approaches and does not slow down. SafetyZone can provide several seconds of warning, allowing the officer to assess the situation and move to a safer location if warranted and distance measurement prevents false alarms from distant, higher speed vehicles that are too far away to be a threat.

Ranger EZ Advantages

  • Only radar on the market that can measure distance along with speed and direction
  • Distance information is shown on an easy-to-read graphical display
  • SafetyZone rear traffic alert to provide enhanced safety for officers during traffic stops
  • Fully directional radar measures direction of the vehicle as well as speed
  • Ergonomic remote control with two levels of buttons:
    • Form-fitting raised keypad for frequently-used functions (those used while driving)
    • Flat membrane keypad for less-frequently used features
  • Ranger EZ has a built-in speedometer interface

Ranger EZ Features

  • New EasyTrack™ ranging bar
  • Automatic Same Direction™ (ASD) mode
  • Moving and stationary modes
  • Patrol speed harmonic indicator
  • Integrated video interface for MPH and most competitors in-car video systems
  • Small display with easy-to-read LED displays
  • Dual audio tones for tracking fastest and strongest targets simultaneously
  • Weatherproof all-black antennas
  • Continual internal diagnostic self-test
  • Ergonomic wired or wireless remote control
  • Black equipment housings
  • Optional motorcycle upgrade
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