Since the 1970’s, MPH Industries has been a leading innovator in police radar technology. MPH is the fusion of four speed measurement equipment pioneers: MPH Industries, CMI(Speedgun®), Laser Atlanta (SpeedLaser®) and Vindicator®.

The earliest police radar concepts developed by CMI and MPH, including dashmounted radars and handheld radar guns, have evolved into the most advanced speed enforcement products offered by us today.

Our leading police radar technologies include:

Throughout our history, MPH Industries has been highly instrumental in the development of police radar as an effective law enforcement tool for dealing with the public safety threat of speeding and reckless drivers.

Our key police radar inventions include:

  • The smallest police radar devices on the market (1970, 1976, 1984, 2001)
  • The first speed radar devices with separate speed locking windows (1980)
  • The first traffic radar devices with a separated display unit (1984)
  • The first dash-mounted radar systems that could look past the strongest target (1988)
  • The first directional police radar devices for speed enforcement (1996)
  • The first distance-measuring (ranging) police radar devices (2006, 2008)

MPH has long been a trusted name in police radar, known for offering the latest technology and dependable law enforcement radar products, always at competitive prices.