Speed Monitor Three-line Full Matrix trailer combines customized messaging and speed control capabilities into a single system. The Trailer has a full-graphics display sign capable of displaying one, two, and three-line messages or graphic characters. The on-board radar allows the trailer to switch to a speed-related message (like “Your Speed is XX” or “SLOWDOWN”) whenever the overspeed threshold is exceeded. The library of standard messages covers most situations, but the messages can be tailored to any need. The unit comes standard with a 100 Watt solar charging system and AC battery charger. Optional equipment includes extra batteries and a traffic computer.



Speed Monitor Three-line Full Matrix Trailer Features

  • Full graphics message display
  • Speed display capability with integrated directional radar
  • Easy-to-use control panel designed specifically for law enforcement use
  • Solar package for long-term deployment
  • Counterweighted display panel folds for easy towing
  • Full-size axle and wheels
  • Vandal-resistant features
  • Built by MPH, the most experienced speed trailer manufacturer

Speed Monitor Three-line Full Matrix Trailer Accessories

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