Along with the BEE III, the Enforcer is the most compact radar available. It has the smallest detachable display, while retaining larger multicolored speed windows. Enforcer also has the smallest available antennas, and is waterproof. Both pieces can be mounted anywhere in the patrol vehicle.

Enforcer is equipped with manual same-direction mode, allowing economical access to same direction measurements. The radar also has fastest-vehicle mode for detecting speeders in the presence of larger vehicles. Its wired remote control has specially-contoured buttons to make it easy to run the radar while driving. The design of the Enforcer sets it apart from competing radars.

Enforcer Advantages

  • Smallest display unit on the market, separates from counting unit, can be mounted anywhere
  • POP technology allows unit to measure speeds without alerting radar detectors
  • Large target speed display for easy reading
  • Brighter daytime display for easy reading in full sun, yet dims for comfortable use at night
  • Ergonomic remote control with two levels of buttons:
    • Form-fitting raised keypad for frequently-used functions (those used while driving)
    • Flat membrane keypad for less-frequently used features

Enforcer Features

  • Manual same-direction mode
  • Fastest target mode
  • POP™ technology
  • Tiny display with easy-to-read LED displays
  • Ergonomic wired remote control
  • Black equipment housings
  • Digital signal processing
  • Optional wireless remote control
  • Listed on the NHTSA Conforming Parts List
Compliant with Buy America Act