Dealing with Tickets

MPH Industries is in the business of promoting public safety by reducing speeding with our radar and lidar equipment. Therefore, it is our policy to not discuss any information with the general public regarding traffic tickets or the operation of any of our devices. All publicly-available information is listed on our website, and no additional information will be provided if MPH is contacted.

The operator’s manuals for our traffic radar and laser products can be purchased. If you do not own an MPH radar or lidar, the purchase must be accompanied by a signed subpoena from the court. Manuals will be supplied in a print format, and are protected under US and international copyright laws. Duplication of MPH Industries manuals, for any purpose, are strictly prohibited without the express written permission of the President of MPH Industries, Inc. Sales of product manuals are not refundable.

Please note: All newly manufactured radar and laser equipment from MPH Industries ships to the end-user with a certificate of calibration. It is the policy of MPH Industries that re-calibration and re-certification be left up to the guidelines established by the local jurisdiction, (courts, city/state ordinances, and/or agency) that has originally purchased our product. MPH Industries does not set guidelines for testing, re-calibration, or re-certification.