The Speed Monitor 18″ trailer controls speeding problems without tying up an officer’s time. The high-intensity sign informs drivers of their speed without requiring an officer or a traffic stop, freeing up officers for more important duties. Since speeds are reduced without issuing tickets, the Speed Monitor 18 creates only positive attitudes in the public. Driver confidence in the speed display is enhanced because it is driven by MPH’s approach-only radar, which eliminates false speeds generated by opposite-lane traffic and ensures that a driver will only see his own speed displayed.

The display is deployed at a height of over 8 feet when the trailer is raised and lowered, and the trailer is only 40” tall when folded. The display frame is counterweighted so that a single person can easily raise and lower it. The Speed Monitor 18 controls speeds in any location.

Speed Monitor 18 Features

  • Advanced radar records approaching and receding traffic. Only displays speeds for approaching traffic.
  • Optional Bluetooth communication
  • 18″ speed display raises to over 8 feet
  • See-through design
  • Locked electronic cabinet
  • Impact-resistant Lexan® display and graffiti-resistant finish
  • Counterweighted display
  • Lockable storage box
  • Best warranty in the industry

Speed Monitor 18 Benefits

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