The classic Python radar system has been completely redesigned with the user in mind. The smaller readout unit has a completely new look, with bigger, easier-to-read displays. The K-band antenna unit is the smallest on the market. The simple remote control still allows you to keep your eyes on the road, where they should be, instead of fishing for buttons. The Python III is simply the best basic radar package available, with great looks, lots of range, and more features than ever.

Python III Advantages

  • Simplicity of use (simple controls, basic functions)
  • Accuracy
  • Easy-to-read display day and night
  • Only 4 buttons on remote control. All features have individual button controls
  • Large speed displays for trouble-free viewing
  • All-black face, improves the display contrast

Python III Features

  • Front panel buttons and large display
  • Uncluttered remote control
  • Intuitive roadway-style mode display
  • K and Ka-Band versions
  • Same display configuration as Bee III and Enforcer radars
  • Listed on the NHTSA Conforming Parts List
Compliant with Buy America Act