Expanding on the capabilities of the Python III, the Python III FS offers the added benefits of same direction moving mode and fastest vehicle mode. Same direction moving mode measures vehicles travelling the same direction you are on the roadway. Fastest vehicle mode measures the speed of the fastest vehicle, in addition to strongest vehicle in stationary or opposite direction moving mode. The standard Python III can only measure the speed of the strongest vehicle in the radar beam, and is limited to measuring speeds in stationary mode – when the patrol vehicle is stopped, or opposite direction moving mode – when the patrol car is moving, and measuring speeds of traffic moving in the opposite direction as the patrol car.

Python III FS Advantages

  • Least expensive option for fastest vehicle measurement and same direction measurement
  • Accuracy
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Only 6 buttons on remote control. All features have individual button controls
  • Large speed displays for trouble-free viewing
  • All-black face, improves the display contrast

Python III FS Features

  • Same direction moving mode
  • Fastest vehicle mode
  • Uncluttered remote control
  • K and Ka-Band versions
  • Listed on the NHTSA Conforming Parts List
Compliant with Buy America Act