The TrafficSTAT™ Traffic Data Collection System provides your agency the ability to conduct covert traffic analysis in targeted areas when needed. The device’s compact size and included mounting hardware allows for easy installation on most roadside poles. Our proven SpeedView Traffic Data Analysis Software is easy-to-use, enabling the user to quickly analyze traffic data for verification of speeding complaints, best times to deploy officers for traffic enforcement, grant applications and determining peak road usage times.

With the addition of optional Bluetooth® traffic data collection through wireless technology, users can conveniently configure TrafficSTAT and download data at a distance – without the need to open the enclosure. You can be confident in the accuracy of the collected data as TrafficSTAT uses the same tried-and-true directional radar system technology used in our speed signs and trailers.

TrafficSTAT Features

  • Minimum of 8 days of unattended traffic data collection
  • Compact, discreet size
  • Simple installation and setup (mounting hardware included)
  • High capacity internal memory
  • Proven directional radar

TrafficSTAT Benefits

  • SpeedView™ Traffic Computer
  • Optional solar power kit for continuous operation
  • Optional Bluetooth – configure and download data from a distance
  • Waterproof, dustproof, lockable housing (IP68/NEMA 4)
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