MPH Industries, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of speed measurement systems. With a product line historically rooted in law enforcement, MPH has grown to be a supplier of quality, innovative products with an outstanding tradition of customer service. MPH’s product lines have migrated beyond law enforcement into other market segments, such as fire departments, emergency responders, departments of transportation, professional sports, and the railroad industry.

Founded in 1976, MPH was one of the first companies to supply traffic radar systems to law enforcement. Within a few short years, MPH had grown to be the largest manufacturer of radar equipment, supplying law enforcement agencies with more than 4,000 radars per year.

In 1988, MPH was purchased by MPD, Inc. and was moved to its current location in Owensboro, Kentucky. MPH’s knowledge of law enforcement’s needs, coupled with MPD’s technological leadership allowed them to pioneer many important innovations, including directional radar technology and advanced speed processing techniques.

In 1997, the employees of MPH, along with the employees of MPH’s sister subsidiaries, were able to purchase MPD, Inc. from its stockholders. This transformed MPD into a 100% Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company. Since the company is completely owned by its employees, MPH and its sister subsidiaries have a unique commitment to customer satisfaction, since all employees benefit from the success of MPH.

In recent years, MPH has expanded its focus to the broad arena of traffic safety products, such as speed monitoring trailers and signs. It has also introduced new radar technologies including distance measuring (ranging) speed radars and officer safety radars. MPH also grew into the traffic laser market with the purchase of Laser Atlanta in 2012.