MPH police lidars are widely used by law enforcement and the military due to their quality and value. We have a reputation for building the most rugged, dependable, and advanced police lasers available for speed enforcement and citation evidence.

Incorporating the newest technologies, our lidars are constructed of quality materials. All models are rugged, with the aiming sight enclosed in the body of the laser for maximum protection if the unit is dropped. With a one-piece cast aluminum optics bench and glass lenses, there are no cut corners in our designs. Few other traffic lasers are able to withstand the wear and tear of daily, real-world use.

Our traffic lidars outperform the competition for detecting hard-to-measure vehicles, regardless of their countermeasures. MPH has been building quality speed lasers since 1981 (MPH purchased Laser Atlanta. LLC in 2012).

Trusted by police and military professionals throughout the US and around the world, MPH police lasers are relied upon to virtually eliminate vehicle misidentification. Count on MPH for great customer service and support throughout the life of your product.