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The following excerpt is taken from a safety study conducted by the National Traffic Safety Board, “Reducing Speeding-Related Crashes Involving Passenger Vehicles” NTSB/SS-17, July 25, 2017, page 30, paragraph 3.2 through paragraph 3.2.1.

“Appropriately set speed limits must be enforced to be optimally effective. However, speed limit enforcment is only one of the duties of an officer. Several of the law enforcement agencies the NTSB interviewed indicated that staffing levels have been reduced, and that they have had difficulty recruiting and retaining officers…Therefore, to adequately manage such staffing and cost issues, law enforcement agencies must efficiently allocate their resources.”

Paragraph 3.2.1: “Stakeholders interviewed for this study repeatedly stated that HVE (High-Visibility Enforcement) is more effective when data are used to target the locations for enforcement.”

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