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MPH Industries group photo

Last Thursday, Aug 10, 2017, Labor Cabinet Deputy Secretary Mike Nemes visited MPD, Inc. in Owensboro to present a Governor’s Safety and Health Award for the 1,256,157 production hours worked without a lost-time incident by employees.

“I want to congratulate MPD, Inc. on earning their first Governor’s Safety and Health Award,” said Labor Secretary Derrick Ramsey. “Working 1,256,157 hours without a lost-time injury is a great accomplishment. On behalf of Governor Bevin and the Labor Cabinet, it is my honor to bestow this award to the MPD, Inc. employees for their successful efforts toward workplace safety.”

Established in 1987, MPD, Inc. consists of ten wholly owned subsidiaries that provide electronic products across North America and the United Kingdom. Their customers include U.S. and foreign military services and their contractors, avionics manufacturers, law enforcement organizations, industrial companies and commercial concerns. MPD, Inc. now employs over 220 people at its headquarters in Owensboro.

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