The SpeedView Traffic Data Analysis System – available as an option on all MPH speed signs and trailers, allows your agency the ability to conduct analysis and enforcement in targeted areas when needed. Among the many uses of the collected data are determining peak road usage times, verification of community speeding complaints, comparison of the effectiveness of speed signs while on or off, and providing accurate information for when to deploy officers for traffic enforcement.

You can be confident in the accuracy of the collected data as MPH’s speed signs and trailers employ our directional radar system which eliminates false speeds generated by opposite-direction traffic.

SpeedView Traffic Computer Features

  • SpeedView Traffic Computer is available as an option on all 12” and 18” speed signs and trailers.
  • Large data storage capacity with simple download through USB port.
  • Stores vehicle speed, date and time. Data can be summarized in intervals of 5 minutes, hourly, daily or weekly.
  • Measures vehicles in a selected direction without interference from the other direction of traffic.

Data File Information

  • Start date/time, end date/time, total study time
  • Number of vehicles in each 5 mph range
  • Median, maximum and average vehicle speeds
  • Speeding vehicle information
  • Total number of vehicles
  • Maximum speed observed
  • Time or speed-based analysis

SpeedView Analysis Software

  • Analyze files without altering data
  • Runs in Microsoft Excel, all versions
  • Simple, menu-driven analysis
  • Compiles tables and graphs of study data
  • Print or export charts to other programs for reporting

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