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40 traffic enforcement officers ran the SURE SHOT through it’s paces

At a recent radar/lidar certification course, 40 traffic enforcement officers in the northeast had the opportunity to work hands-on with the relatively new MPH SURE SHOT lidar in real world conditions, both day and night. The summarized comments below reflect the officer’s evaluation of the SURE SHOT versus a competitor’s model:

  • Quick target acquisition time.
  • Nice overall design – different than anything else on the market.
  • Heads Up Display – easier aiming with both eyes open for situational awareness. Multiple sighting reticle choices for personalization.
  • Multiple power options – easy and convenient AA batteries.
  • Works at night – unlike many competitor models.
  • Quick and easy calibration before each shift by simply touching an icon and following screen prompts.
  • Following-Too-Close function really works!
  • Every officer liked the customizable audio options for signal quality chirps, including the simulated doppler audio sound.
  • Easy to download shot history via USB port (stores up to 500 shots).
  • Icon driven, intuitive, touchscreen user interface. Officers were suprised at how easy it was to setup and customize for use without reading instructions.

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UPDATE 06/2018:

A Michigan Law Enforcement Agency recently conducted a test and evaluation on the SURE SHOT from MPH along with two other lidar manufacturer’s products. A summary of the evaluation of the SURE SHOT by the testing officer goes as follows:


  • Fast target acquisition even at long range
  • User friendly
  • Good battery life
  • Easy and comfortable to use



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