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The MPH Python IIIThe MPH Python III Just Got Even Better

Already well known in law and traffic enforcement agencies throughout North America, the (Ka band) MPH Python III and Python III FS are now being manufactured with our premium-class Ka band antennas – at no additional cost to you.

The Ka Band Python is already an excellent value, and the new premium-class Ka Band antenna gives you even more:

• Increased sensitivity and range
• More immunity from radio interference
• All black exterior for unmarked cars and covert operations
• Smaller, streamlined profile, requiring less room for installation
• Waterproof housing

Many law enforcement agencies use the Python Series III radar to enforce the speeds of motor vehicles, operating from stationary or moving patrol vehicles. Python uses the well-known and legally accepted Doppler principle. The radar has been accepted by the FCC and conforms to all NHTSA specifications. Click here for more product information or contact us today!