Leaders in Radar and Laser Measurement

Police Radar

MPH Industries is your complete source for law enforcement speed radar, whether you need dash-mounted moving radar or hand-held radar guns. As a manufacturer of Doppler police radars since 1976, our traffic radars operate in opposite and same lane modes and include innovations such as ranging radar and patented technology designed to defeat radar detectors.

Police Lasers

We have a full line of speed laser systems, including handheld laser guns and compact lasers for automated speed enforcement. MPH led the development of laser technology for speed enforcement by building traffic LIDAR systems under the SpeedLaser brand, beginning in 1991.

Speed Displays

MPH manufactures radar speed trailers, variable message trailers and pole-mounted speed signs. We offer speed monitoring trailers to meet every application, including variable message trailers that also display traffic speeds, with optional SpeedView traffic statistics data collection. Our stationary radar displays are available in sizes that fit all roadway, school and construction zone speed limits.

Surveying Lasers

Our full series of Advantage lasers include laser rangefinders as well as lasers with built-in compass and inclinometer. Our lasers interface with all major brands of data collectors, for complete laser surveying systems.