The CE approved Z-45 has been specifically designed for the EU market. The Z-45 accurately measures vehicle speeds and provides the user a valuable asset in reducing speeds and accidents.

Transport organizations can reap significant benefits from a reduction in vehicle speed on and around their premises. The Z-45 is ideal for use in traffic surveys, ports, distribution centers, industry, quarries, bus depots, and more.

Two speed displays allow both “track-through-lock” and “fastest vehicle” readings. The standard Z-45 package includes the radar, tuning fork and operator’s manual. Available in 12V DC corded and battery-powered versions.

Z-45 Advantages

  • Z-45 is the only fully CE-approved handheld radar (required for use in the EU)
  • Directional Stationary mode
  • Corded or cordless versions
  • Supports ticket printer

Z-45 Features

  • Switchable for approaching, receding or bi-directional use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Low power K-band output for user safety
  • Highly accurate
  • Available in MPH and KPH
  • Fastest vehicle detection mode
  • Two window display (lock and target)
  • RS232 port for printer and memory options
  • Icon-based, voice-confirmed mode change
  • Runs from vehicle accessory port or optional rechargeable battery pack
  • Hand carrying case supplied
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