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Now is the time of year when we see school buses on the road and kids in crosswalks as they head back to school. Many motorists are also seeing radar speed signs popping up in their neighborhoods. More and more, schools and communities are using radar speed signs as a way to alert drivers to watch their speed to help keep student pedestrians safe from traffic dangers.

Traditionally, school buses have been the primary way for students who do not reside within close proximity of campus to get to school. But in many areas limited or eliminated bus service has led to more children having to walk to school. Some busy parents are opting to drop off and pick up their students, creating an increase in traffic around community schools. These changes have created a pedestrian safety challenge that needs to be managed.

The National Safety Council reports that more children are hit by cars near schools than at any other locations. Radar speed signs placed in school areas offer an excellent self-monitoring solution, making motorists aware of their speed, while also reminding them of the need to be on high alert for young pedestrians. According to a study done by the US DOT Federal Highway Administration, the use of speed feedback signs consistently and significantly reduced school zone traffic speeds.

MPH offers an effective and affordable line of radar speed signs to meet a variety of needs and budgets, including speed displays, speed trailers, and message trailers. MPH radar signs range from compact and portable to solar powered. All feature our K-band, approach-only radar system, which uses distance-measuring technology to ensure accurate counts of vehicles while only displaying the speeds of approaching traffic.

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