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How the cities of Toledo and Winlock, Washington are using Speed Monitor 4 in a creative way to ensure additional safety to motorists and pedestrians.

A new speed trailer was not in the budget this year for the nearby cities of Toledo and Winlock, Washington, however thanks to creative thinking the cities were able to find a solution to allow them to help make their streets safer for motorists and pedestrians. A city utility vehicle was outfitted with a Speed Monitor 4 speed sign behind the cab along with a standard speed limit sign on the tailgate. The cities also purchased the optional SpeedView Traffic Data Collection computer and software which will allow for detailed traffic study data, to provide information on exactly when and where to deploy the sign or additional patrol officers.

This motorized solution allows for easier sharing of the speed sign between the two cities, and helps them respond much more quickly to road construction sites, weather related emergencies, accident scenes or other situations where slowing traffic becomes necessary. The solution is also very flexible in that the speed sign could be quickly relocated to a different vehicle. Other cities and towns may want to take note of this creative way to reduce costs while providing a valuable service to their communities.

“Just a quick pic of how I am using your product. Like I said on the phone BOTH cities (Toledo & Winlock) are extremely happy with this piece of equipment…MPH thank you again for helping us make our city streets a bit safer.” – John Brockmueller, Chief of Police, Toledo Police Department