Height sticks and wheel rolling are no longer needed with the Advantage wire sag system. Wire sag can be measured safely from the ground without putting your crew in danger. The Advantage system is equipped with a Vertical Encoder Tripod to provide a single operator everything necessary to evaluate poles and wire lines. If GPS mapping compliance is required, the plug & play GPS receiver can be used for remote mapping.

Remote measuring

Hard to reach areas are no longer an issue because measurement does not have to be taken directly at the pole.

GPS ready

Most concise method for gathering GPS data to meet shared data compliance requirements.

Simple to use

The single-operator system does not require special training. Measure wire sag, wire separation, missing lines, pole heights or distance measurements with a single operator using the Advantage system. The operator can measure of attributes from the sidewalk or street.

Precise targeting

The system includes head up display sight and readings.

Flexible accuracy

The handheld system can also be used with a monopole or extreme-precision Encoding Tripod.

Wire Sag Measurement System p/n 6U00

Includes Bluetooth Technology, Vertical Encoding Tripod, Soft Side Tripod Case, and User’s Guide. Requires p/n 3RC1-(Recommended Advantage R with Compass & Inclinometer.) or 3SC1