Advantage lasers are the most accurate distance-measuring lasers available. They use a patented method (Pat. 6,108,071) to allow them to measure distances with extreme accuracy, +/- 6 inches or better in all situations, regardless of the strength of the reflected signal.

For comparison:

Model Weak reflector Strong reflector
LTI TruPulse 200 +/- 3ft. +/- 1 ft.
LTI TruPulse 360 +/- 3ft. +/- 1ft.
MPH Advantage +/- ½ft. +/- ½ft.

Unlike competing lasers, the accuracy of the laser is the same for weak reflectors as it is for stronger ones. This allows the Advantage series to provide the most accurate measurements where the use of a pole reflector is impossible (stockpile measurement, rockface profiling, etc.) It also allows surveying jobs to be performed with fewer personnel, without requiring the use of an assistant holding a pole.

Can your application tolerate a 3 foot error in measurement? A 3 foot error is devastating in most applications.