SpeedLaser® T (Torch) is the low-profile laser model from MPH Industries. It is also enclosed in an aluminum body, for agencies that prefer a metal housing. The low profile of the lenses improves the over-all balance of the laser.

SpeedLaser T Features

  • New horizontal lens design
  • Rubberized aluminum housing
  • Offers long-range laser system
  • Includes heads-up speed display with crosshairs
  • Stealth technology
  • Can be set for obstructed/weather mode
  • Has a removable battery handle for recharging
  • LCD display is highly visible and well-lighted

SpeedLaser T Benefits

  • Can measure targets at distances of over 7000 ft.
  • Speeds update continually with a separate locked speed display on the LCD
  • Measures speed and beats most jammers while in anti-jammer mode
  • Reliable operation in adverse weather or through vehicle window
  • Rechargeable; less expensive to operate than alkaline battery units
  • Simultaneous speed and range display
  • Displays the distance of the target, date and time, as well as the system information
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