SpeedLaser® S is the standard laser model from MPH Industries. It is an all purpose device, perfect for officers who work from patrol cars. It is lightweight and well balanced to protect from fatigue during use.

SpeedLaser S Features

  • Compact design
  • Superior optics
  • Provides long-range laser system
  • Optional 8x monocular scope and Bluetooth technology
  • Shows heads-up speed display with crosshairs
  • Stealth technology
  • Special mode for obstructed/weather situations
  • Removable battery handle for recharging
  • Lighted, large-sized LCD display

SpeedLaser S Benefits

  • Multiple menu features
  • EZ mount battery handle
  • Long battery life – on the road or on the shelf
  • Able to measure targets at distances of over 7000 ft.
  • Continually updating speed with a separate locked speed display on the LCD
  • Beats most jammers while in anti-jammer mode and continues to measure speed
  • Dependable operation in adverse weather or through vehicle window
  • Live speed and locked speeds are displayed
  • The distance of the target, date and time are displayed, along with system information
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