SpeedLaser® B compact lasers feature a slim, compact design and have a smart head-up display (HUD) allowing operators to view the HUD in a vertical or horizontal position. The standard model comes complete with a removable battery handle, as well as internal batteries for non-battery handle use.

SpeedLaser B Features

  • Compact laser system with internal battery
  • Advance polymer housing with cast aluminum chassis
  • binocular design with superior optics
  • Heads-up speed display with crosshairs
  • Stealth technology
  • Obstructed/weather mode
  • Rechargeable battery handle
  • Large, lighted LCD display

SpeedLaser B Benefits

  • Small size, can be held horizontally or vertically
  • HUD automatically adjusts to orientation
  • Continuous speed updates with a separate locked speed display on the LCD
  • Anti-jammer mode thwarts most jammers while continuing to measure speed
  • Reliable operation in bad weather conditions or through vehicle window
  • Unit is rechargeable; less expensive to operate than alkaline battery units
  • Displays both live and locked speeds
  • Shows the distance of the target, date and time, as well as the system information
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