Speed Monitor Two-line Full Matrix Trailer is fully-functional message trailer integrated with a speed display trailer. This allows the agency to make better use of the trailer, for events and speed control. Also, since the trailer can be used to disseminate information in time of crisis, homeland security funds may be able to be used for its purchase. A department can find continuous uses for the trailer.

This trailer combines all of the features of a message trailer with MPH’s accurate speed radars, for an exceptionally versatile system.

Speed Monitor Two-line Full Matrix Trailer Features

  • Full graphics message display
  • Speed display capability with integrated directional radar
  • Easy-to-use control panel designed specifically for law enforcement use
  • Solar package for long-term deployment
  • Counterweighted display panel folds for easy towing
  • Full-size axle and wheels
  • Vandal-resistant features
  • Built by MPH, the most experienced speed trailer manufacturer

Speed Monitor Two-line Full Matrix Trailer Accessories

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