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Speedgun Pro
Small. Lightweight. Powerful.

*CPL certified

Introducing the new SpeedGun Pro.  You spoke, we listened.

Introducing the new SpeedGun Pro.  You spoke, we listened.

SpeedLaser-B LIDAR

Newly designed to operate 
in a comfortable, horizontal 
position, the SpeedLaser B 
is as easy-to-use as a pair 
of binoculars. 

With the same proven 
accuracy, simplicity, and 
utility of other SpeedLaser 
models, the SpeedLaser B 
offers greater versatility 
in a more compact size.

Speed Monitor™
Full Matrix Trailer

- Speed and message display 

- See-through design for 
  pedestrian safety

- Eight-foot height for maximum 

- Folds down for easy towing

- Choice of two-line and 
  three-line version

- Ka-band directional radar

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