MPH’s Profiler II face profiling system software determines bench heights, minimum burdens, optimum burdens, drill hole angles and offsets, hole depths and more. Approach blast design with more accurate assessments to significantly reduce production delays. Our face profiling system can also measure and predict hazardous fly rock and vibration.

Drilling and blasting comprises a significant portion of project costs. MPH’s face profiling system allows you to maximize performance and reduce costs rather than estimate burdens and consider manual measurements for best-guess evaluations. The Profiler II Laser allows you to obtain face profiles and display burdens from the pit floor.

  • Measure before and after blast results
  • Watch for changes in surfaces
  • Perform geotechnical surveys in inaccessible areas
  • Measure volumes removed or stockpiles
  • Evaluate tunnels
  • Create blast plans

You can obtain greater operations efficiency and safety through fast, in-field volume and surface evaluations using the Profiler II laser.

On Scene Evidence

Get data for accurate shot hole placement in a few moments

Remote Safety

Out of reach locations can be measured from a safe position

Flexible Accuracy

– Handheld, monopole or extreme-precision Encoding Tripod

– Relative measures or GPS mapping with a GPS receiver